Scandinavian White

The natural and ethical brand inspired by Nordic countries

Created in 2011, Scandinavian White is a brand inspired by Nordic countries whose Ecolabel certified products protect both the environment and your well-being:

  • Ecolabel formulation
  • Packaging complying with EU Ecolabel criteria and made from recycled or biosourced materials

Scandinavian White packaging are made from recycled or biosourced materials:

  • The bottles and caps used for the Shower Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner**, Body Lotion** and Hair & Body Gel are all made from 100% recycled plastic,
  • Their stickers are made with recycled paper.
  • The Ecopump are 100% recyclable.
  • The box of the plant-based soap is made from 90% recycled cardboard.

* *not Ecolabel certified


Scandinavian White hotel line

Scandinavian White products boast a minimum naturality percentage of 92% and up to 99%.
The 7 products of the line exude a revitalizing tea-based fragrance that is mixed with notes of citrus fruit for an incredibly refreshing feel.

300 ml / 10.14 fl.oz

Hair & body gel

Liquid soap

Single dispenser
375 ml / 12.68 fl.oz

Hair & body gel

Gentle soap


Hand & body lotion*

* not Ecolabel certified

Double dispenser
375 ml / 12.68 fl.oz (x2)

Hair & body gel / Conditioner*

Gentle soap / Hand & body lotion*

* not Ecolabel certified




Stainless steel

Recyclable ABS plastic



White & Black line

Suggested accessory line

  1. Shower cap
  2. Shower cap & scrunchie
  3. Sewing kit
  4. Manicure set
  5. Comb
  6. Tissues
  7. Shoe mitt
  8. Shoe shine sponge
  9. Vanity set
  10. Cotton buds
  11. Make-up remover pads
  12. Loofah
  13. Dental set
  14. Shaving set

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