About Suitel

SUITEL, an exclusive representative of Groupe GM -a leader in the field of guest amenities for the hospitality industry worldwide-, has a 25 years record of performance in premium hotel cosmetics of selective distribution. Winning the largest market share of the Greek market, led to the gradual expansion of the company's activities, with exports to Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Bulgaria, Libya, Kosovo, Albania, and Northern Macedonia, getting the exclusive rights for these markets and creating a supply network in each country. Our mission is to conquer the developing tourism markets of south-eastern Europe.


World leaders

In collaboration with Groupe GM, we offer an impressive portfolio of luxury brands from the international field of cosmetology, fashion, perfumery, spa, and skincare, including houses of high global value such as LVMH Group, L'oreal Paris, Estée Lauder, Puig Group and other independent companies, which gives us an undeniable, competitive advantage and a plurality of options. Having a strategic goal to deliver unrivaled high-quality services, we ensure the best possible value for money, as the wider network's large-scale quantity allows us to provide you with luxury products at affordable prices.

We are all guests on this planet

At SUITEL we are driven by innovation, passion for fine cosmetics and sustainable hospitality. Actively participating in the global mobilization to reduce the negative environmental impact, we offer certified natural formulas, innovative plant-based (from corn, cane, etc.), eco-designed packaging and accessories, while all factories in our network comply with the strictest European laws, adopting good manufacturing practices that ensure excellent quality and responsible production.

Haute Hospitality

We are fulfilling every aspiration by providing you with unlimited possibilities and options for hotel amenities that meet every type and style of hospitality. From creating your very own signature scent to designing unique personalized amenities and premium personal care products, we elevate your hotel's image and enhance the guest experience.


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